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What are the Health Benefits of Medical Cannabis?

Category: Medical Marijuana | Posted on Thu, April, 19th 2018 by THCFinder

What are the Health Benefits of Medical Cannabis?


The scientific studies demonstrating the positive effects of marijuana treatment are becoming more and more prominent in mainstream science. More and more people are opening their eyes up to the possibilities that are available from marijuana and the extracts from it. What we are seeing is that the cannabinoids present in marijuana are even more potent healers than was first suspected.


With studies conducted all the time and new theories proven correct what we will be able to achieve with marijuana in future is as yet untapped. Whether it’s regular cannabis strains or non-high inducing CBD let’s look at seven ways marijuana could help you that you might not have considered before. A large part of the reason that medical marijuana is so helpful to us is because of the endocannabinoid system.

The Endocannabinoid System

Throughout the body, we have what is called the Endocannabinoid System. This is a network of cell receptors and corresponding molecules that exist throughout the body. It is made up of two different kinds of receptors which are the CB1 and the CB2 receptors. The first kind is primarily located in the brain and the central nervous system, these are known as CB1 receptors. The other kind of receptors, known as CB2 receptors, are commonly found in the immune system.


These cannabinoid receptors have a wide array of functions. For example, sleep, mood, motor control, pain, memory, and immune responses. Naturally, these wide-ranging processes help to maintain an optimal function within our bodies.

Reduces Inflammation

Perhaps the most well known of medical marijuana’s effects is its anti-inflammatory properties. They’re so potently effective that in recent times even pro athletes have turned to the powerful healing factors of medical cannabis products. For example, CBD rich oils are used to combat pain and devastation inflicted on their bodies during intense training or in competitions. Often because of extreme stress joints can develop painful inflammation and CBD combats this. Joint inflammation also occurs because of chronic diseases like arthritis. In several studies, CBD proved effective in treating this.


It follows then that this would also be helpful for those suffering from other common ailments and not just limited to those on the extreme ends of the spectrum. In fact, skin diseases such as rosacea and psoriasis can be treated successfully by using CBD products. And because of the effects that CBD has on serotonin levels in the body it can also be used to counteract the negative psychological effects and stresses that having such conditions can produce.

Stops Developing Cancer


Cannabis is already widely used in the treatment of pain and nausea during chemotherapy but can it prevent cancer outright? Well, some scientists think that yes it might. In studies done involving mice, cannabis has been shown to have chemoprevention properties.


Researchers found that when rodents were given an injection of pure CBD (cannabidiol) they were less likely to develop colon cancer even after being induced with the disease. Obviously, this is still in a developmental phase but the potential it has to help the millions of people all over the world who suffer from cancer is monumental.

Eases Digestion

As we’ve said the endocannabinoid system exists throughout the body. The receptors that contribute to it respond exceptionally when medical cannabis is introduced. One of these receptors is called anandamide, it resides within the digestive tract and is responsible for the digestive processes. Perhaps for reasons like this, it’s not hard to see why those who regularly indulge in THC get ‘the munchies’.


But in a more serious sense for those suffering from chronic bowel conditions the presence of such a receptor might be a real blessing. Studies have shown that the anti-inflammatory properties contained in medical cannabis might be vital in treating conditions such as IBS and Crohn’s disease.

Prevents Heart Disease

One of the little-known effects of medical cannabis is its potential for heart disease treatment. Small doses of the THC are able to relax and also widen the blood vessels. This process is known as vasorelaxation and is probably best demonstrable in the reddened eyes of those who regularly smoke marijuana.


Because of these widened blood vessels, naturally, the blood tends to flow a little easier. It’s not difficult to see how this could be perfect preventative medicine for those liable to suffer from clogged arteries in their hearts. Of course, we’re not encouraging behaviour that would lead to such life-threatening conditions but it’s good to know.

Can Slow Down the Aging Process


Of the many benefits from medical cannabis, this might well be the most exciting one. In the University of Bonn and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, researchers have found new information that might mean that naturally fading cognitive abilities in later years might no longer need to be the case. Using mice of various ages as their test subjects, they experimented by giving them small doses of THC. After that, they then tasted them on their learning capacities and memories. What they found was incredible.


Mice that were given placebos displayed normal age-appropriate brain function while the mice that had been dosed with THC showed improved cognitive ability. The older mice showed brain function similar to the two-month-old group. Of course, human trials are yet to be undertaken but it’s very clear that this will have devastatingly positive effects on the ailments we’ve long taken for granted as just part of growing older. Whether it’s Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s the possibilities are quite exciting.

Benefit from Medical Cannabis Today

With a body of knowledge that is growing every single day medical cannabis is set to take a huge leap into the mainstream culture very soon. A day is coming very soon when the mere mention of ‘cannabis’ won’t simply raise eyebrows and sceptical questions. With all this vast knowledge, soon the evidence will be undeniable. But there’s no need to wait until then to reap the benefits of this kind of medicine. There are plenty of ways to obtain medical cannabis and you should avail of them. Speak to your doctor today or even do some research for yourself online. This list is by no means comprehensive and with so much information abounding online and in publication it would take much more space to really make a dent. But the bottom line is that


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