How To Make Cannabis Butter

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making-cannabis-butterThere's different ways of cooking with weed. Some people prefer to make the cannabis butter that they use as they use it, while others prefer to always have a container of cannabis butter in their house. There's two different ways to make the cannabis butter. If you're only using it per baking session, my recommendation is the following method:
Get a coffee grinder and grind your weed up very well. To the point where it genuinely just looks like kief, rather than bud. At this point, add it to butter that you have melted on the stove. When doing this method, I usually replace the oil that the recipe calls for with the butter. I personally don't strain the butter when I use this method. Since the marijuana is ground up in such a fine way before hand, there is no need to really filter it.
However, if you're going to make a good amount of cannabis butter to store, there is a different way to make it. This way is slightly more complicated but I believe that it produces a much better result in the end. It just takes more time to do this. Also, I recommend that if you make a large amount of butter, use it! Don't let it go to waste. I don't cook with cannabis a lot, hence why I don't have blocks of cannabis butter in my refrigerator. The second way to make the butter is as follows;
What You'll Need:
4 grams of butter (Not margarine)
2 grams of weed (This amount is your choice... The amount shown is a rough estimate for a medium high)
Place a pan on your stove at low heat, adding your 4g of butter to the pan. Let it melt into a liquid. Once the butter has melted, you can add your finely ground marijuana to the butter. When you grind up the weed, make sure that it's as finely ground as you can possibly get it. A coffee grinder works best but if you don't have one, just keep regrinding your weed until it's very fine. The marijuana that you use should be fairly dry. Once the bud has been added to the butter, be sure to stir is occasionally over the course of 10-15 minutes. Stirring is very important, as it releases more THC in to the butter. When the butter turns to a dark green/almond color, it's done. Strain the butter through a coffee filter to make sure that there is no plant matter left. Squeeze the coffee filter as much as possible to make sure that you've extracted all of the butter from the plant matter.
Now, put the butter in the refrigerator until it hardens. The final product can be put in drinks as well as food. You can make it as strong or as weak as you want. It is recommended that you work up to the higher doses of cannabis butter, rather than throwing an entire quarter in to a single cup of cannabis tea and end up passing out for three days straight. While there are stoners out there that can ingest that much weed in a single dose, not everyone is there right away.


Cannabis Infused Alcohol/Canna-Bloody Mary Recipes

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Cannabis Infused Alcohol/Canna-Bloody Mary Recipes
I've been a bartender for almost five years now. While I don't drink, I do appreciate a well thought of drink recipe. Not only that, but since alcohol has great extraction properties when it come to cannabis, making drinks with marijuana and alcohol together can not only be a hit at parties but can also benefit some patients. Some tinctures, while more harsh, can be made with alcohol and it has an interesting, euphoric effect on the user if made right.
A drink that I've always found quite interesting was the Bloody Mary, since they always seem to have the most incredible garnishes. There are a lot of people who love these drinks and I stumbled upon a Cannabis Chef recipe that not only tells you how to make cannabis vodka, but gives the recipe for a great looking cannabis infused Bloody Mary.
To make the vodka, you'll need;
22g of Cannabis
3fl oz of Alcohol (Must be more than 50% alcohol)
First, place your cannabis on a cookie sheet and bake it in the over at 150 degrees for about an hour. The bud should be dry and crumble in to a powder when you squeeze it. Make sure that all of the bud is a fine powder and the soak the powder in water for 12 hours.
After 12 hours, drain the excess water from the cannabis powder and put it in an airtight contained. Mason jars, as always, come in handy for situations such as this one. Pour the alcohol that you have over the cannabis in the jar and close it up. Store this jar in a cool, dark area for 10 days or more. The longer the mixture sits in the jar, the better it will turn out in the end. You also must remember to shake the jar multiple times a day to assure that you get the most THC that you can from the powdered cannabis.
After you feel that the mixture has been stored for long enough, it's time to strain it. Using a coffee filter, pour the cannabis infused vodka in to a container. Repeat this process until there are no more particle floating in the mixture. Now, you have an alcohol tincture. This can be ingested in this state or used in drink recipes, as we're going to go over next.
To make the Bloody Mary, it's quite easy. Depending on how much of a Bloody Mary lover you are, you may have your own favorite recipe that you enjoy. If this is the case, you can your own method of creating the drink, just using the cannabis vodka. If you're not sure on how to make a Bloody Mary or would just like to try the Cannabis Chef's recipe, there's this one!
What You'll Need;
1/2fl oz of Cannabis Vodka
Worcestershire Sauce
Tabasco Sauce
5fl oz Tomato Juice
1tbsp Lemon Juice
Salt & Pepper (Optional)
Lemon Twist (Optional)
Celery (Optional)
Using a shaker, mix up the tincture, sauce, and the juices. Shake it well to make sure everything mixes up the correct way. Fill a tall glass with ice and pour the mixture in. You don't have to use a glass with ice. If you do have a bar shaker available, you can chill the drink over ice in the shaker. Then pour it in to the glass. Add some salt and pepper if you'd like, as well as the lemon twist and the celery stalk. There you have it, a wonderful infusion of alcohol and marijuana. This drink is a good way to relax at the end of the day. Highly recommended for those that enjoy a beverage after work.


Chocolate Pot Pudding Recipe

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cannabis-chocolate-pudding-recipeEveryone remembers the pudding Snackpacks that we all used to love in our lunch boxes as kids. What if there was a way to make pudding these days but add weed to it? There is. This recipe is cheap and simple so you'll have your edibles in no time. This pudding is delicious and highly recommended, not to mention has an added bonus of frosting!
What You'll Need;
5gs of Marijuana (Please note the last paragraph in this article)
2 1/4 Cup Whole Milk
Boxed Pudding Mix (Chocolate is recommended because it masks the taste of the bud better)
2 Cups Powder Sugar
Take 2 cups of the milk and put it in a sauce pan on the stove on low heat, setting the other 1/4 cup of milk aside for later. Once it begins to steam slightly, wait around 20 minutes and add your ground up marijuana. Let the milk/marijuana mix cook on the stove for two hours, stirring every ten minutes or so. This is kind of a pain but the fat in the whole milk is going to be what absorbs the THC from the cannabis. This low heat process is the best way to extract the highest amount of THC that you can get from the buds.
After the milk mixture has been on the stove for the two hours, grab your pudding box and follow the instructions on the box. When that process is finished, divide the pudding in to smaller servings that you can give out. Let the pudding set for a bit and in the meantime, you can make frosting to add when they're finished.
Mix the powdered sugar with the 1/4 cup milk that you had set aside from before. These two need to be stirred together until they form a thicker, frosting like substance. Add a spoonful of this to each of the pudding cups and you're done! These are great for parties, gifts, or just something to have in your house for when you're craving medicate pudding with delicious frosting!
As always, remember that the amount of weed called for in the recipe is not necessarily the amount that you need. This amount should be adjusted for novice or seasoned smokers. Depending on the person, some people need more and some need less weed. Eating cannabis effects the body differently than smoking so be safe!
Find more great Cannabis Recipes Here:


How To Make Weed Tea The Right Way

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how-to-make-weed-teaAs winter is fast approaching, those of us that are in places that get snow are buckling down for what is expected to be a rough winter. While the majority of Californians won't really notice a difference, there are people that will need to keep warm this winter. And what better way to stay cozy than with a nice cup of some medicated tea?
To make medicate tea, you'll need tea, a cup, butter, and some weed. Please note that there is no specific amount of weed that you'll need, it all depends on the person. Please don't dump a ton of weed in to your tea, as you don't know how it will effect you at first. It's better to be patient and make numerous batches of tea so that you get your perfect amount.
So to make the tea, you must first boil the water. When it starts to boil, pour it over the ground up marijuana in your cup. By adding the small amount of butter (You can use cannabutter for this and save yourself a step as well!), the THC becomes more easily absorbed. THC is not water soluble so just putting it in boiling water won't get as much THC from the bud as you could. By adding the butter, the THC has more to bond with and therefore, will get you more stoned. You can also add milk to the tea, or hard liquor if that's what you prefer. Either substance will increase the potency of your tea and create a warm, uplifting body high that is sure to improve the dullness of a snowy winter night!
The butter is a key part of weed tea. By not adding something with fat in it, you're losing out on a large amount of THC. Whether you use cannabis butter or just regular butter, it's always better to add some. The tea will taste better and be stronger. Plus, no one likes to waste their weed!


Medicated French Toast Recipe (AMAZING!)

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This recipe takes the wake and bake to a whole new level. French toast is a wonderful way to wake up in the morning. And what better way to greet the day than with a medicated French toast breakfast? If you follow this recipe, you can have a great breakfast that gets you stoned. Plus, you can save time by completing your morning smoke up and breakfast at the same time!
What You'll Need;
Whipped Cream
4 Eggs
2/3 Cup of Milk
1 tsp Vanilla extract
Cannabis butter
Chocolate sauce
Heat up normal butter in a pan (don't use your cannabis butter... If you add too much heat, the THC will become less strong and you won't get as stoned). Separately, combine the vanilla extract, the eggs, and the milk in a bowl and mix them together.
Now take your bread and put it in the mixture, then throw it in your normally buttered pan. Cook the toast until it is golden brown, flipping it when necessary. When the toast is done, you spread the cannabis butter all over the toast. While it would be great to cook the toast on actual butter, this is the best way to get the best result of being stoned after you eat the toast. By thoroughly coating the toast with butter, you'll still get high. Now, you can add your whipped cream, chocolate sauce, maybe some cinnamon, or possibly even some fruit if you prefer. This breakfast is amazing and guaranteed to be a good start to your day.


White Chocolate Weed Oreos recipe

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Not only will this snack cure your insane munchies but it's going to make you even higher. Oreos are a traditional snack that everyone, even people who aren't stoners, seem to love. What could get better than Oreos? Well white chocolate covered Oreos would be better. This recipe will tell you how to make your own. You can add weed to this or not, it's totally up to you.
What You'll Need;
Two pots
White chocolate (A decent amount, enough to cover the amount of Oreos you're making)
Cannabis butter (Again, no set amount... The amount of cannabis butter that you add is totally up to you. Just remember that eating weed effects the body differently than smoking so don't over do it!)
Take the two pots and put one on the stove with boiling water in it. In the other pot, put the cannabis butter and the white chocolate together. Take the pot with the chocolate and butter in it and set it on top of the pot containing the boiling water. It's very important that you don't get water in the chocolate/butter mix!
When the chocolate/butter mix has fully melted, dip the Oreos in the chocolate. An easy way to get the whole Oreo covered is to use a fork by sticking it in the middle frosting. You can also just dip half of them. Either way, after you coat them, stick them in the refrigerator until they harden. This treat will not only solve the munchies. It not only tastes delicious. You'll get extremely baked from the cannabis butter. Trust me, these Oreos will be your new favorite snack after the first time that you make them!



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