A pro legalization commercial is running on comedy central

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You can watch the video below that is currently being run on comedy centrals network. The pro legalization commercial is running on both John Stewart and Stephen Colbert shows who both currently support the legalization of cannabis.



6 states looking to legalize Marijuana!

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California isn't the only state trying to fight the war against Cannabis being illegal. 5 other states are jumping on the bandwagon to legalize Cannabis and get rid of a law that is extremely outdated. The other states that have joined the battle are , Oregon, Arizona, South Dakota, Vermont and Massachusetts. 


While the battle to control Congress is getting most of the pre-election ink, voters in several states will also be deciding how to states handle the touchy issue of marijuana's legal status. Fourteen states already have medical marijuana laws on the books, and more are likely to vote in doctor-approved pot use this year or in 2012. (Watch a Reason Magazine report about legalization's consequences.) Here are six states that could take a major step down the path toward decriminalization (or even legalization) on Nov. 2: (source


With California's prop 19 coming up, it will be a great day for Marijuana users if the voters come together to help legalize something that should never have been illegal in the first place. 


Police Chief says YES to prop 19.

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San Jose Police Chief (ret.) Joseph McNamara explains why he, and other law enforcement officers in California, will be voting Yes on 19 and here is the TV ad to prove it.

Let's be honest: The war against marijuana has failed. 

I know from 35 years in law enforcement. 

Today, it's easier for a teenager to buy pot than beer. 

Proposition 19 will tax and control marijuana just like alcohol. 

It will generate billions of dollars for local communities, allow police to focus on violent crimes, and put drug cartels out of business. 

Join me and many others in law enforcement. 

Vote YES on Proposition 19!

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