Weed fun images IV

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Funny Marijuana Pictures

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Now after some time of searching for some funny random pictures about marijuana we have the following. My personal favorite is tied between two first is the cartoony pictures which basically say that weed is no longer for hippies but for all and of course “why should glaucoma patients have all the fun!” and the other is by far the MacDonald’s sign advertising how many J’s have been rolled.

Please comment back and share with your friends as we would love to know what your favorite pictures are, now if you can stop looking at the “riding high” picture then you must be thinking that that’s one hell of a bud or are you just concentrating on the sort of nude girl that is riding the giant bud.











Weed fun images III

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The Best Way To Grow Weed Indoors Using a Nutrient Film Technique

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In this method, the plants grow through light-proof plastic films placed over shallow, gently sloping channels. A steady flow of nutrients is maintained along the channel, and the roots grow into dense mats, with a thin film of nutrient passing over them (hence the name of the technique). A downside of the technique is that it has very little buffering against interruptions in the flow eg power outages, but overall, it is probably one of the more productive techniques.



The basic kit that you will need to start off your home made growth ops are listed below. It is up to you to set it all up properly to ensure that the marijuana plants stay healthy. Now be warned this method is perfect for getting high grade cannabis but be warned it will take a lot of your time to care for the plants.

You will need the following:


A High Pressure Sodium Lamp (600 watt is the most efficient but a 400 watt may suit a smaller space).
A Fan running 24 hours a day if possible and oscillating.
A NFT tank with pump and spreader mat (these come with the tank), Rockwool cubes.
A 24 hour timer to control light periods. This should be used with a high power switch known as a contactor or relay switch as grow lamps can easily burn out regular timers used on their own.
A pH tester to test water and nutrient feed solutions.
A pH adjuster such as phosphoric acid to adjust water and feed solution to around pH 5.2 – 6.0.
Nutrients, ones aimed at growing the plant you want to cultivate are best.
And Matt white paint or white plastic to cover the walls of the grow space.

Also useful is a measuring bucket, measuring jug, large syringe and pea netting or string to support top heavy plants. If you can afford it a great help is a Total Dissolved Solids meter. These allow you to check the nutrient levels of feeding.


Ganjagirls II - Hot girls smoking weed

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Part II of our salute to all the beautiful girls who smoke cannabis.


The history of WEED

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