Incredible strain of the day: Banana OG

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This amazing strains was shot on location at Premium Organic Treatments located in Anaheim, California .

I had the pleasure of trying this strain personally and it's FIRE!


If you are lucky enough to be in the Socal area you can try some Banana OG and other amazing strains in Anaheim, CA @ Premium Organic Treatments (P.O.T) PCA


Weed photo fun

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Enjoy the weekend everyone! Keep on tokin.



Dank strain of the day - Super Green Crack

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Courtesey of: Premium Organic Treatment of Anaheim, California




Exclusive Miss High Times contestant interview

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Like we always do at, we have brought you some more exclusive content. This week’s exclusive content is an interview with Miss High Times competitor, Emily Aryn Halverson. Emily comes to us from Lansing, Michigan.


We sat down with Emily to find out about the girl behind the ganja and were not disappointed. This beautiful High Times competitor is a tall blonde that is truly in touch with normalizing marijuana. Going to school for art history as well as a medical marijuana apprentice with her future in-laws, she is on the track to helping legalize everyone’s favorite herb.


“Miss High Times is Amazing. It has allowed me to meet so many beautiful women who are activist as well... we also believe in freedom to access Medical Marijuana on the people’s terms.” Emily is enjoying her time now meeting new community of women just like herself through High Times. When we sat down with Emily for a little one on one time here’s what she had to say:


THC:What is your favorite kind of weed to toke on?

EA:My favorite kind of weed is either a lemon haze or purple haze for sure. 


THC:How old were you when you started smoking and who introduced it to you?

EA:I started smoking when i was 16. My friends all smoked and I just started offcause I knew I would love it. :) And… yeah, ha, I did. 


THC:What is your preferred smoking piece?

EA:I either love to smoke out of one of my nicer bongs like my Black Leaf or Phire. Or blunt. I’m a blunt girl all the way. I even roll my own blunts!!


THC:What is your favorite movie to what when you’re baked?

EA:My favorite smokin’ movie is Grandmas Boy dur…ha, or Strange Wilderness that movie makes me cry every time… hahaha. 


THC:What’s your favorite food when you’ve got a bad case of the munchies?

EA:My favorite munchie food is sour gummy worms. I like going to Kroger and getting the $1 bag… yummy!!


THC:Do you prefer indica or sativa blends?

EA:It depends. I like sativa for that energy when Igotta get going. But i like indicas when I need to relax at home or my arm is hurting me. 


THC:If you could smoke with anyone, living or dead, who would it be and why?

EA:I would smoke with Clint Eastwood. Just ride around with a blunt just giving me bad ass advice. Yeah, that would be sweet!!


THC:What is your favorite music to listen to while you’re smoking?

EA:Im a classic rock girl all the way. I love the Doors, Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Hendrix, Steve Miller Band. But i also love Gucci &WakaFlaka. 


THC:What’s your most memorable smoking or high experience.

EA: I remember getting soo high and eating what I thought were Apple Jacks. Then I looked and saw they were called Apple Dapples. I was soo mad and angry that they changed the name everyone was like, Emily,it’s the Kroger brand… dumb blonde. Ha…I was sooo happy because Apple Dapples is a stupid name!!!


THC:What is the first thing you’re going to do if you win ‘High Times Girl’? 

EA:The first thing I’m going to do if i win a month is smoke a blunt!!


We appreciate the chance to sit down with Emily and wish her the best of luck in the Miss High Times competition. If you get a chance, we suggest everyone roll up a fatty and get blazed with this blonde artist.

You can vote for Emily by going to her profile on @


Rockstar Ganja Girls

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Rockstar Ganja Girls, Enjoy the weekend everyone! 


Vote for Miss High Times 2011 Does Shanon Hart have your vote?

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Shanon Hart/High Times Miss October and finalist for Miss High Times 2011 announced on 4/20/2011

Age: 25

location: California

country: US

occupation: Homemaker

 Help raise 1 million dollars to place the California Cannabis Hemp and Health Initiative on the 2012 ballot. The signature drive will begin November 2011 through April 2012! We will have 150 days to gather at least 700,000 signatures from registered California voters. Go and donate now!

The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning.

I was born in Houston, Texas. I moved to Cali when I was a kid.I love to cook.Sour Diesel is my all time favorite strain. I love a good sativa.Cannabis has helped me through so much mentally, physically, spiritually. What's not to love about this sacred herb.Cannabis is a divine thing.I feel so blessed to live in California and have my 215.

Not everyone is that lucky though. That's why I am here.I want to spread the news "Cannabis is not evil!" It does a lot of good for people! It would be easier to answer why DON'T I use cannabis. No really there are so many reasons why. Just to name a asthma,allergies, insomnia, and stress. I think it prevents cancer. I feel more connected to the earth, more spiritual and aware. It makes the trees greener, the flowers brighter, food taste better, and good music sound even better.What can I say I love cannabinoids!

"Herb Like Fruit, Keep You Healthy, Mind Clear"-Bob Marley

Go vote for Shanon on if your digging this stunning candidate.

Please vote every 24 hours, just follow the link click on her pictures and rate them all a 10 : )



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