4:20 smoke break

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Everyone  needs one =).



Passing out after taking a hit.

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The new one hit wonder!



4:20 oops

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Make your 4:20 today better than this guys.



Yoda lights up

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Don't fuck with Yoda!


Have you medicated today?

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Potential Miss High Times candidate Erin Nicole aka Pink Indica

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Erin Nicole aka Pink Indica gave us a little bit of her time and let us know how she feels about cannabis, the community, and running for Miss High Times. Erin is a model contestant for Miss High Times with a real down to earth personality. We ran her through our gauntlet of questions and here’s what she had to say. 
THC: What is your favorite kind of bud to smoke? 
EN: Sativa
THC: How old were you when you started smoking and who introduced it to you? 
EN: I was fifteen and…I’d rather not say who it was, if that is okay!
THC: What is your favorite piece to smoke out of? 
EN: My favorite piece has to be my custom glass piece made by Eusheen.
THC: What is your favorite smoking movie to watch? 
EN: Friday
THC: What is your favorite munchie food? 
EN: Funyuns
THC: Do you prefer indica and sativa blends? 
EN: I like both. But probably sativa for day, and indica at night.
THC: If you could smoke with anyone, living or dead, who would it be and why? 
EN: Bob Marley…because he was a spiritual, loving, and a peaceful person. I'm sure he rolled some nice spliffs too. :)
THC: What is your favorite music to listen to while you’re smoking? 
EN: I like: Trip Hop, Dubstep, Reggae, Classical, Rap, & Hip-Hop. I like other types of music as well but this is the stuff I like listening to while I’m stoned.
THC: What kind of a smoker are you? 
EN: A responsible smoker.
THC: How do your parents and family feel about you smoking? 
EN: They think its fine.
THC: What do you do besides smoke? In your free time, work/school, etc? 
EN: Student, I like anything to do with art: photography, yoga, meditating, hiking, reading nonfiction books. I like studying metaphysics and philosophy in my free time. I love to travel and be outside with nature. 
THC: What is your most memorial smoking or high experience? 
EN: Smoking a lot of hash for the first…and time getting really high. 
THC: What is the first thing you’re going to do if you win ‘High Times Girl’? 
EN: Faint!! Hahaha…run in circles. Then, try my best to live up to the title by helping out as much as I can in the cannabis community.
Vote for Pink Indica here:
Erin we appreciate the opportunity to sit down with you. We wish you the best of luck in your pursuit of Miss High Times. members stayed tuned for more Miss High Times interviews. 



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