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White Diamond


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Reviewed by: (49 reviews, Karma: 119) on September 24, 2013

Disclaimer: Review is based on the personal opinion of IE420Patient. Batches of the same strain can produce different results due to many factors thus, as with any "review" use as a guide, not as pure fact.

Strain Name: White Diamond

Sample Acquired: August 30, 2013

Medicated Date: September 6, 2013

Device Used: GOAT Bubbler

Grade: B

Type: Hybrid (Indica Dominant)

Looks: One sample marijuana nugget that reminded me of piece of broccoli completely covered in water droplet like trichomes with rust/orange pistols.

Smell: Very funky. Lots of earthy funk with hints of fuel.

Taste: Very rich and organic is what comes to mind. Like its smell, very earthy with a very rich strong hash like aftertaste.

Buzz Type: Full body buzz and uplifting. Slightly euphoric.

Buzz Length: Below Average (.5 to less than 1 hour)


* Review is "First Impression" as product provided was a sample and used exclusively for one day.

Although September 6th is the date I am using for purpose of this piece, I did start medicating with White Diamond a couple days earlier. On September 4th, I woke up with my head spinning to the point where I could not stand up. I did take a bowl of White Diamond, but this only helped my situation for a brief time (head spins) as I came to realize I had to the full blown flu. So not until two days later when I felt "OK," did I resume to medicate with the sample marijuana provided.

Although a Hybrid strain, the energetic buzz obtained is very Sativa like. The "tingle" dominated the "pressure" which for me in indicative of Sativas.

When loading a bowl, pieces "broke off" like little balls while the rest of the marijuana nugget stayed in tact. For being such a "rich" smoking strain, White Diamond inhaled very smooth. Given the taste profile, I'd expect to cough up a lung, but did not, just a few short coughs on a couple of bowls, none on others.

White Diamond has a great buzz effect, but short! 30-45 minutes is all I got in buzz length albeit a very good buzz and I used this strain as a "Wake & Bake;" meaning, I medicated with White Diamond first thing in the morning (first smoke of the day is typically provides the strongest buzz).

Given the short buzz, this would be a good strain for those beginning to use marijuana, or for those with a low tolerance. The bowls I was able to get on the 6th (which I also used my Mobius bubbler since bowl is larger) lasted me from 7:30am with final bowl taken at 10:30am. With the full sample, I two small GOAT bowls (video & 4th) and four Mobius bowls on the 6th.

If not for such a disappointing short buzz effect, White Diamond would be a solid A strain.

Cheers (& Cough),


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