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A2 Genetics Project Clones (Clones Only)

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A2 Genetics Project Clones (Clones Only)
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a2genetics (2 reviews, Karma: 9) on August 15 2013

Great Service!!! Top Notch Strains!

Great Service!!! Top Notch Strains!

While prosecutors are going after medical marijuana dispensaries who they say are confused by the rules in the medical marijuana act.. State Police say it's simple.

"This has been around for a long time the rules are easy to read.. there's no confusion. This is not rocket science it's easy. If you have medical marijuana you can have 2.5 ounces. If you're in a vehicle it's in a container in your trunk," said Lt. Derrick Carroll.

Lt. Derrick Carroll says it's pretty transparent for dispensaries too. But a problem state police are seeing... caregivers not following the rules

"The caregivers are authorized to have up to 5 patients, they're authorized 2.5 ounces of usable marijuana for each patient, and up to 12 for each patient. The problems that I'm hearing is a lot of time some establishments sell to people with medical marijuana cards but they aren't necessarily their caregivers."

But regulating this, and keeping an eye on dispensaries has been difficult.

"There's no surveillance or watch just like any establishment people go in and out of places like 7-11 all day long. We don't keep track of that. Same with this business its a storefront, we don't monitor the traffic in and out."

But when violations come to light, some county prosecutors have cracked down, like yesterday in Otsego County. And anyone who may be arrested could face prison time.

"Two year felonies depending on how severe and how many people but it's against the law to distribute to anyone you're not a caregiver for."

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