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Police in MN Offering Drugs to Occupy Protestors? | Odd Marijuana Blog THC Finder

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Police in MN Offering Drugs to Occupy Protestors?

Category: Odd | Posted on Sun, May, 6th 2012 by THCFinder

The more you hear about how some cops actually conduct themselves on the street and how many police departments in this country are run, stories like the one in the video below become less shocking.


After all, when a friend tells you of something shady or downright illegal they saw or heard a cop do, how many of you just nod your head and say something like, “that don’t surprise me?”


Allegations out of Minneapolis, Minnesota accuse some police officers of offering drugs (among other things) to people on the streets to see how they would react. Many of these guinea pigs came from the city’s Occupy protest.


It’s doubtful that “drug recognition” was the real reason behind this alleged program. It’s more likely that the police wanted the protestors (and the public in general) off balance, or downright stoned. That way they could expect less trouble from them.


Allegations are also swirling that this is not a new program, which makes you wonder exactly what the cops in Minneapolis are up to – it makes you wonder a little about your local police department as well. We know some cops simply can’t resist living above the law.


How many of you are nodding your head right now and saying to yourself, “that don’t surprise me?”






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