Armed Thieves Steal 20 Jars of Marijuana in SF

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Thieves are stealing marijuana by the jar now in San Francisco.
San Francisco police report 20 jars of medical marijuana were taken in an armed robbery Thursday morning in San Francisco's Mission District.
Police said the suspects, armed with hand guns, walked into a medical marijuana dispensary on the 2500 block of Mission Street opened around 10 a.m. Three people were arrested.
They ordered four employees to lie on the ground. The robbers took the pot and ran away.
Witnesses told police they ran to a car parked three blocks away. They drove off in a black four-door sedan and remain at large, according to police.
No one was hurt.


New Jersey gets approval on 3rd Marijuana Dispensary

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nj-approves-3rd-dispensaryTRENTON — New Jersey has given a third medical marijuana dispensary permission to plant its first crop of pot.
The state Health Department announced Wednesday that Compassionate Care Centers of America Foundation Inc. in Woodbridge can start.
It would be the first dispensary in the central part of the state.
New Jersey legalized cannabis for patients with certain conditions in 2010, but the program has been slow to take root.
Only one dispensary, Greenleaf Compassion Center in Montclair, has opened so far. But it’s been closed since June because of a supply shortage.
Compassionate Care Foundation in Egg Harbor Township is growing marijuana and expects to open in September.
Three other groups also have been chosen by the state to sell pot legally but have not yet gotten approval to plant marijuana crops.


L.A. County's 1st Dispensary Shut Down

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imcc-wellness-centerAn Inglewood marijuana dispensary that was the first pot shop in Los Angeles county, according to its owner, was shut down by police today and will likely close for good, he told the Weekly.
Paul Scott of IMCC Wellness Center says numerous police officers showed up shortly after 1 p.m. and raided his store. He told us that cops at the scene said the other dispensaries in Inglewood -- he estimated there were 3 of them -- would also be put out of business today:
Scott said he was led to believe the city, under mayor and former Santa Monica police Chief James T. Butts, decided to essentially outlaw cannabis outlets within its jurisdiction following a California Supreme Court ruling last year that allows municipalities to do just that.
"I guess they decided they no longer want medical marijuana in the city of of Inglewood," he said. "That's sad."
Scott says his shop at 318 S. Market St. opened in 1999. In 1996 the voters of California legalized medical marijuana. The store owner, 50, says he was also a board member for second pot shop in the state, one that opened in Oakland in the mid-1990s.
Scott, who's living with HIV, said he was inspired to open his store because patients like him were suffering and unable to easily access cannabis in Inglewood.


DEA Continues Crackdown on Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

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dea-crackdownLast week, federal agents with the Drug Enforcement Administration raided a series of medical marijuana dispensaries in Washington state. Marijuana and employee cell phones were apparently the intended targets of the raid.
Surprisingly, for an agency that makes money from drug-money seizures, marijuana money was largely ignored. At one dispensary in Olympia, agents left $1,000 dollars in cash untouched, as well as the store’s computers.
A spokesperson for the DEA told the Associated Press that the raids were part of a two-year investigation.
That the DEA should be launching any prolonged and costly investigations into state-sanctioned marijuana operations should be cause for outrage and alarm. That said, these most recent raids in Washington may not turn out to be as bad as they appear.
Mason Tvert, director of communications for the Marijuana Policy Project, told Takepart last May that the fed were targeting dispensaries and growing operations whose product was being sold across state lines.
“They have pursued cases in which they believed medical marijuana was being diverted out of state, and they sent letters to 57 medical marijuana businesses informing them they were within 1,000 feet of a school and needed to relocate or shut down.”
Whether or Tvert’s take on previous raids holds true with the recent Washington DEA actions remains unclear. The agency hasn’t commented on the nature of the raids, nor why these particular dispensaries were targeted. What is clear is that several of these dispensaries had already been on the Feds’ radar for some time, and were raided previously in 2011. No convictions were ever secured, however.


Authorities raid medical marijuana dispensary in MI

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The Shop medical marijuana dispensary in Ypsilanti was raided by agents from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration Tuesday morning between 10:30 and 11 a.m., the Ypsilanti Courier reports.
Officials could not comment about the search warrant that was executed at the dispensary, located at 513 W. Cross St., due to the ongoing investigation, according to the article.
Eyewitnesses told the newspaper that police seized two vehicles, boxes, bags of marijuana and what appeared to be a small electronic device.


Marijuana dispensaries are coming to Massachusetts

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mmj-massPrivate companies, seeking to open marijuana dispensaries have been all over the area recently, since the passage of the state's medical marijuana law last November. The controversial law, passed by an overwhelming majority of voters in the last election, calls for up to 35 dispensaries across the Commonwealth, with at least one per county.
One new company, Medical Evolution Corporation, is looking for a site in the Newburyport, Beverly, Salem area. Newburyport, like many other municipalities, enacted a moratorium on dispensaries through next June, to allow the city and the state time needed to clarify what were initially a vague set of rules and guidelines. Beverly is currently evaluating a zoning ordinance that would govern where a dispensary could be sited and where it could not.
In addition to resistance from local politicians, some people in the area are not supporting enactment of the law. Recent discussion between a local landlord and MEC fell flat as the landlord “doesn't feel it to be a good fit on his property”.



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