South Jersey to get 2nd marijuana center

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south-jersey-dispensaryBELLMAWR — Compassionate Sciences announced it will build South Jersey’s second medical marijuana facility in Camden County.
Work on the Bellmawr project began after the nonprofit won zoning and construction approvals from the municipality and the state reviewed its business plans, spokesman Andrei Bogolubov said.
The dispensary and a nearby growing facility will be located in an industrial area just off Route 42. Another medical marijuana dispensary is located in Egg Harbor Township.
Once construction is complete and the center receives regulatory approval from the state, Compassionate Sciences can start dispensing marijuana to patients and their caregivers who have registered with the state Department of Health.
Bogolubov estimated it could be six months before the center opens its doors at 111 Coolidge Ave. The facility has enough capacity to serve up to 3,000 patients.


Vermont seeks fourth marijuana dispensary

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vermonth-mmj-dispensaryTERRI HALLENBECK — The deadline is nearing for applications to run the state’s fourth medical marijuana dispensary. If the process goes anything like the first three, it will be something like this:
• It will be long, detailed and not for the faint of heart or the cash poor. Unique issues will arise because dispensaries are in an odd business of legally selling something that is otherwise illegal.
• Though the applicants have to file detailed information about who they are, how they plan to run a dispensary and where they are getting their money, state officials will tell us all very little about any of it, ostensibly to protect patient confidentiality but also because it seems to give them the jitters, what with marijuana being otherwise illegal.
• If and when the dispensary finally opens, it will generate little attention. Just about the only complaints will be that the marijuana is not covered by medical insurance.
In the two months since Shayne Lynn started operating the Champlain Valley Dispensary, he’s learned a lot, attracted more customers than he expected and had no interactions with the local police, he said.
Burlington Police Chief Mike Schirling, who had been worried about having a dispensary in the city, said Monday, “I’m not aware of any issues.”
Lindsay Wells, the state’s marijuana program administrator, said the state has received few complaints about the first dispensaries, and only from patients with concerns about access, not from the general public.
“Some patients didn’t realize it’s not covered by insurance,” Wells said. Others registered complaints about not being able to reach a dispensary, but those issues have been resolved, she said.
Lynn thought he’d have about 75 clients by now. He has 175. “People had been waiting for this,” he said. “We didn’t realize how anxious people are to have this. People say, ‘My God, this is such a relief.’”


181 Apply To Open Mass. Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

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mmj-dispensaries-medicalMore than 100 people or groups of business partners submitted applications on Thursday to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health to open medical marijuana dispensaries, according to DPH Commissioner Cheryl Bartlett.
“We’re glad that it was a highly competitive process and it will ensure patients’ access to the medical use of marijuana in the commonwealth,” Bartlett said during a conference call.
Thursday was the only day prospective entrepreneurs could submit applications for the first phase of the dispensary approval process. A steady stream of people entered DPH headquarters on Washington Street in downtown Boston, wheeling suitcases or carrying boxes or large envelopes of documents.
Investment banker Arnon Vered of Swampscott was one of them. He and business partner Kevin Fisher, who owns a dispensary in Colorado, submitted applications for three dispensaries they hope to open in Norfolk, Bristol and Hampshire counties.
“When I started, I knew very little about this,” Vered said. “But when I started talking to patients and seeing people who are actually using [medical marijuana], kind of the impact that it has on their lives, that really made me want to be involved in this.”
Fisher says the high “financial barriers to entry,” specifically the requirement to prove $500,000 in liquid capital to start a dispensary, will result in applicants ensuring they bring in whatever expertise is necessary to run a successful center.
John Greene hopes his experience as an herbalist will help him get approved to operate up to three dispensaries in Plymouth County. He says he wants to focus on providing strains of marijuana that have low levels of “euphoric” or “psychoactive” properties that contribute to the “stoner ethos” many people still attribute to anything involving marijuana.
Read more: http://www.wbur.org


First medical marijuana dispensary opens in Yuma

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mmj-dispensary-yumaYuma’s first medical marijuana dispensary had a “soft opening” Wednesday.
Jamestown Center, located at 4104 E. 32nd St., is a state-approved medical cannabis dispensary.
"We are excited to be the first dispensary in Yuma County to receive approval to operate from Arizona Department of Health Services," said Susan H., the center’s general manager. She declined to provide her last name.
Jamestown Center offers eight strains of medical marijuana to patients in Yuma and the surrounding communities.
The dispensary, which took its name from the 1619 law requiring all Jamestown, Va., colony farmers to grown hemp, is staffed by three pharmacists and a biochemist. It will serve qualifying patients with medical marijuana cards issued by the state of Arizona. The law allows patients to have 2½ ounces of medical marijuana every 14 days.
The center has a medical director who will work “one-on-one” with patients to match conditions and symptoms with the appropriate cannabis strain. However, the medical director is not authorized to prescribe medical marijuana to clients.
“He’s only here to supervise employees and educate patients about health concerns, dosage and recommend routes of administration,” explained Susan H.
The medical director will also monitor patients’ side effects.


6 medical marijuana shops back in business in Fort Collins

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dispensaries-back-open-in-fort-collinsMedical marijuana stores are back in Fort Collins, with six opening across the city in recent weeks.
As many as 14 are slated to open after voters in the 2012 election overturned a ban on the stores. After going dark for more than a year, the businesses are working to restart grow operations and attract clients.
“I have to build it up from scratch again,” said Donald Cruinkshank, 51, owner of A Kind Place on North College Avenue.
He opened his doors July 30 after paying four to five months’ rent while waiting for the city’s approval process. But on opening day, there was no line of customers outside.
“No rush,” he said. “It’s been pretty slow.”
And the costs to get rolling stack up. Ken Correia, owner of Solace Meds on Smokey Street, estimates about $60,000 spent on rent, licensing and other costs.
“Major strains not only on business, but on my personal financial situation,” he said. “I don’t know how a lot of the guys got through it. It was definitely difficult.”
The number of Larimer County residents who can legally shop in the stores is down to nearly half of its peak, with about 4,620 licensed medical-marijuana patients now living here. That is supplemented in part by visiting medical-marijuana users from elsewhere in Colorado.
But medical-marijuana vendors getting in business now could be tapping a gold mine when recreational sales begin in Colorado next year. In communities allowing recreational stores, the state is giving medical-marijuana dispensaries a head start on serving recreational users. They can begin applying Oct. 1 to serve anyone 21 and older. Any other potential business owner has to wait until July 2014 to apply, according to state regulations.


Oregon Legalizes Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

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oregon-mmj-dispensariesOregon is legalizing medical marijuana dispensaries.
Gov. John Kitzhaber signed a bill on Wednesday giving the state authority to license, inspect and audit stores selling marijuana.
Medical marijuana patients currently are required to grow the drug themselves or designate someone to grow it for them.
Dozens of marijuana dispensaries exist already, but they are not explicitly allowed and operate in a legal gray area. Authorities have moved to shut them down in some areas.
Proponents say existing businesses should be brought under state scrutiny to protect patients. Critics say the dispensaries will make it easier for criminals to abuse the medical marijuana program.



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